Crowds, crowds everywhere…

Most likely the season where people stand on each others feet at local Japanese sightseeing spots is during Golden Week. Last week on Wednesday this year’s one week National holiday ended. For most Japanse this is the only time to take off from work without a bad feeling of having left the colleagues in a mess at work. The feeling of obligation and duty towards the group or company simply demands thinking of their needs first, especially as going off on vacation can be understood as selfish. But what is actually Golden Week? The origin is from the National Holiday Laws (set in July 1948), which declared nine official holidays for the Japanese workers. Actually the goal was very much labor friendly, making sure employees can actually have some vacation. Now when are actually these national days (for 2010):

– April 29: names as Emperor’s Birthday until 1988, then Greenery Day from 1989 until 2006, now Showa Day
– May 3: Constitution Memorial Day
– May 4 : Greenery Day (shifted from April 29th)
– May 5 : Children’s Day, but actually more known as Boys’ Day

The Golden Week is a huge tourist business opportunity nationally and internationally. Japan Airlines has released numbers that predicted reservations on JAL international flights of 244,387, 14.5% down against the same period in 2009, while domestic passenger bookings are up by 18.1% at 911,090. Just during this period international flights are estimated to be more than 95% full at the peak of this 8-day period. In order to support the demand for travel JAL Group planed 28 additional flights for popular international destinations (Honolulu, Guam, Palau, Bali, Cairns..) and as well as 66 flights on domestic Japan routes.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤).

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