Tokyo as the third and last step

As promised in an earlier post, I will be uploading every mid week an interview with a local expert related to a Japan focused topic. This week I have a special occasion, because I am happy to inform you that I was interviewed in regard to my experiences in Japan at the Chuo-ku radio station in Tokyo. Not only was this a special occasion for me, but as well very exciting to have an opportunity to talk freely in Japanese about my reasons for living in Tokyo and why I feel so much at home.
The actual interview is in Japanese, with some aspects as well in Swiss German. The link below will lead you to the website of “Myeyestokyo”, which is the actual radio program website. On the “Myeyestokyo” site, below my picture and the introduction, you can find the icon for the podcast. Click on it and enjoy…
and I hope you can laugh as much as I did, on how many times a person can say 本当に!

Click here and you are transferred directly to the Chuo radio “myeyestokyo” program website, where you can hear the podcast. In case the link does not function, just use the URL below.

Second part of interview on international marriage:

In case you do not understand Japanese and would like to know more about the content, feel free to contact me.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤).

2 thoughts on “Tokyo as the third and last step

  1. SibylleさんのSwiss German、初めて聞きました。

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