Self rewards (ご褒美) as substantial business?

According to the magazine L25 from Recruit more than 94% of young Japanese female office workers are used to give themselves at least twice a year a special reward. The typical present costs about JPY 10,000 to 20,000 and is most likely something on the high price end that young women would usually not buy. About 60% of the time the reward was given due to having reached a personal goal, more then 50% of the time based on higher salary/bonus or then just with 25% a special goody for having solved a problem at work.
Although I do not belong to the young office worker group, I can fully understand the desire to motivate oneself with something special to splurge on upon reaching the self set target. Going to a department store the sweet section is definitely inviting with the traditional Japanese style sweets (Wagashi 和菓子) or then the western style confectionaries (introduced from the West after the Meiji Restoration). So far I have not reached the average target of JPY 10,000, but we never know how soon I might blend in…

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

2 thoughts on “Self rewards (ご褒美) as substantial business?

  1. I’ve just learned the new word”Self reward”meaningご褒美in Japanese. I wonder how you got such an unfamiliar word.素晴らしいですネ!You’ve got it from your husband,havn’t you? Sorry, It goes without saying that you’re a multilingual. My usual self reward is to drink a bottle of beer in fron of TV set.可愛らしいプレゼントです。ブログ楽しみにしています。再見 I’m looking forward to coming here to read your blog again! Your friend, Ninjyahattori

    • Dear Ninjyahattori san,

      thank you for your kind comment.
      Actually I learned the word ご褒美from my Japanese female friends. Honestly I thought a self reward is more a women’s thing, but your comment about beer is a very good example. I cannot imagine my husband’s happy face without his daily ご褒美ビール。But I assume the difference between gender is the frequency and the price. Women might have a less frequent higher priced self reward than men…
      All the best,
      Sibylle Ito

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