The unexpected on a Shinkansen

Have you ever thought what will happen if you fall asleep on the Shinkansen and miss your actual stop? As long as you are riding on a train or the subway most likely it will not become such an issue, because you cannot travel so far. But what will happen if you are riding the Shinkansen, especially the Nozomi with few stops every couple of hours? Most likely an observant train conductor will wake you up and inform you that you have passed your destination. I cannot say whether it is a general rule, but I have observed the conductor to make some notes on the passenger’s ticket, plus officially stamp it. Then the customer is allowed to ride back for free to the actually desired station by Shinkansen. Now it becomes clear why train conductors on the Shinkansen make notes after confirming the passenger tickets. On the other hand, the case that I observed created a new question, that I do not have the answer. In case if you fall asleep again and miss the next station to get off as well (?!), can you still travel back to your desired station for free… I do not know.
Along the same lines in regard to Shinkansen: Only few times Shinkansen actually is stopped running due to earthquakes, taifun or unlikely some technical problem. The only other case that pops up in your mind, does happen and when you can see the announcement, I have to say I prefer the Japanese version as it is less graphic.

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2 thoughts on “The unexpected on a Shinkansen

  1. I’ve experienced several times on the Shin-kansen riding past the real destination and I had paid again for traveling back to the real station I wanted to get off.折り返した分だけ取られれた経験数回ありました。仕方ない事です!それこそWhat a pitty we paid again for a worthless ride.自分が蒔いた種は自分で刈り取るですね!シビルさん気を付けてください、しかし電車等でチョットした睡眠に勝るものなしでネ!それではまたネ!再見!!from Ninjyahattori on twitter

    • Dear Ninjyahottori san,

      thank you very much for taking time to comment on my blog. For sure I appreciate your time and efforts.
      Personally I am jealous of people, who can sleep on the train. No matter how tired I am, I simply cannot sleep. I was so surprised how kind the train conductor was, plus furthermore that this person, who overslept her station in Nagoya could simply travel back for free. I guess the free ticket was for one station, so I wonder how she got back then from Shinagawa (overslept next station Shinyokohama too…).

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