The 15th International Conference for Women in Business

Attending yesterday the The 15th International Conference for Women in Business at the Hotel Grand Pacific in Odaiba was worth every penny spent. This conference has two goals: First of all giving all the participants a direct opportunity to learn from other professional or political leaders, plus further provide thought-provoking sessions as they invite interesting key persons in regard to Japan. Secondly throughout the day there is enough time included to network with like-minded professional women in Japan. Can you imagine yesterday about roughly 850 people attended? For me personally the attendance was a true success. For sure the following is not a complete overview of all the events, but I would like to share with you the most impressive comments heard or insights gained.

Fumiko Hayashi (Mayor of Yokohama):
– In order to have her own successful professional career, having chosen the right husband was very important.
– Definitely surprised to see how many times she had changed her job, but still could make a difference in many leadership positions.

Yumiko Kamada: General Manager, Life-Style Business Development Headquarters, Regional Revitalization Division, East Japan Railway Company
– Always remind yourself that you are not working alone. Only as a team a difference can be made.
– Two biggest challenges with the “ekinaka/ecute” launch: How best to explain a totally new concept, then how to overcome internal hurdles.
– With the ecute concept sales have shifted within the station from early morning to evening, especially late hours, while having a strong increase of male customer base.
– Station is the sales spot for personal gifts!

Hiroshi Tasaka: Professor, Graduate School of Tama University

– Simply an amazing slide show that shows that we should move away from the barbarian capitalism and go back to valuing invisible capitalism.

Kazumasa Yoshida:, Rep. Director and President of Intel K.K.
– Imagine a world when more than just 25% of the total population has access to internet. How much will then the Internet change?

Reiko Akiike: Partner & Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group
– Most countryside based bus companies have to face every year 4% less of passengers, furthermore writing red figures is rather common. The main customers are school children and old people heading to the doctor or a hospital. Still these local companies understand the need for their services and continue to stay in business based on their own sacrifices: cut their own salary and similar actions.
– Strong need to start open discussions with passengers about the actual financial threatening situation of the bus company. Effect: More support, honest feedback where service can be cut back.

Kenji Isezaki: Professor, Peace and Conflict Studies, Graduate School of Area and Culture Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
– Main export goods of Sierra Leone: diamonds. Result: Highest penetration of BMW.

Let me point out at the end that I am not related to the committee of the The 15th International Conference for Women in Business, nor do I receive any founds. The above is just my personal opinion combined with for me the most interesting points of the day.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

One thought on “The 15th International Conference for Women in Business

  1. Thank you very much for sharing an interesting and informative blog article. I would love to go to the next year conference.

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