Distances are shrinking in intra-Asia-trade

It seems that the stressful time of organizing shipments into China is over. According to TradingMarkets.com Nippon Express has expanded their services into major Southeast Asian countries by taking care of every stage of the shipment from customs to transport to final destinations. Nippon Express will start early next month shipping freight direct from Japan to southern China and Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. As a next step in fall service expansion is planned to inland Chinese cities and other Southeast Asian nations, depending on the actual customer needs.
Nippon Express’ approach will be much simpler, because normally customs and shipping abroad are arranged separately through agents. A further bonus for Japanese end users: Nippon Express’s new service will be charged in JPY, sparing customers the inconvenience of considering foreign exchange risk in estimating costs.
For example Thailand-bound cargos will be forwarded from warehouses in major Japanese cities by sea. After clearing customs, they will be shipped in trucks arranged by Nippon Express to six main destinations in Thailand.
I see the approach of Nippon Express as a step in the right direction, allowing more intra-Asia trading.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

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