Expanding beauty outside of Japan

Japanese cosmetics have become trendy in Asia according to The Independent. It seems that Kanebo Cosmetics is releasing their Kate product group in China this fall. Kanebo’s target are fashionable, young consumers in Asia, with their expectations especially high, because the Kate brand became a domestic hit since the launch in 1997. Kanebo is already available in Taiwan and Hong Kong. As a next step sales at 20 outlets of Watson’s Personal Care Stores, the leading health and beauty retailer in Asia, are planned in Shanghai and Beijing. Kanebo’s target is to have 100 stores with Kanebo products by the end of 2011.
At the same time Shiseido as the largest Japanese cosmetics firm is moving into East Europe: Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. Shiseido is actually the first Japanese cosmetics firm to start operating in the region. They plan to open two or three stores in each country in the first year, targeting residents of the countries’ capital cities. Others are not sleeping. Kose Corp. opened its first Cosme Decorte store in Beijing last year, specifically targeting the city’s growing affluent consumer base, while DHC Corp. has also signed a deal with Watson’s to sell its skin care lines in Singapore for the first time.
It seems to me the next wave of exports coming from Japan are cosmetics to make the world beautiful.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

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