Do you know AEON? Potential next retail leader!

If you have not heard yet about Aeon, it is high time to learn more about this growing Retail Group! From my viewpoint Aeon could become over time Asian’s Wal-Mart with the difference of high quality products to a low price.
According to their Japanese website Aeon is a group of 190 companies united by a strong management base that supports comprehensive retail operations through global benchmark retailing and logistics processes. Shopping centers are the focus of this company with general merchandise stores and supermarkets, fashion specialty stores, financial services and amusement facilities. Aeon is active not only in Japan, but as well growing rapidly in China and Southeast Asia.
Amazingly all this started a couple of hundred years ago, when in 1758 Sozaemon Okada started trading in kimono fabrics and accessories at Shinoharaya company in Yokkaichi. Over time now Aeon has built up within Asia a network of retail operations one country after another, adding over time suitable business aspect to the whole group.

1984 Jaya Jusco Stores established in Malaysia, Siam Jusco established in Thailand, next year first stores.
1996 Guangdong Jusco Teem Stores opens Jusco’s first store in China, Jusco Teem Plaza Store, in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.
1999 Cinema complex operator, Aeon Cinemas established.
2003 Taiwan Aeon Stores opens its first regional Jusco store, Jusco Xinzhu Store, in Taiwan.
2005 Aeon Co., Ltd. and Carrefour S.A. agree on a strategic business tie-up. Aeon Co., Ltd. acquires management rights of Carrefour Japan, and changes name to Aeon Marche.
2006 Aeon Co., Ltd. resolves to enter the banking business. Same year Aeon Co., Ltd. and JAPAN POST agree on a comprehensive business tie-up.
2007 Aeon Co., Ltd. and SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. agree to collaborate on the development of electrical appliances for the Topvalu private brand products.
2008 Aeon Beijing International Mall Shopping Center, the biggest mall in Beijing, opened.

In the last few weeks I have noticed an increasing number of groups of professionals most likely coming from Eastern Europe and Far East being toured through Aeon to show the company’s strength. For sure I am curious to hear about the next steps of expansion of Aeon in the rest of the world.

P.S. In the meantime related news in The Japan Times, which reports “Aeon to integrate three subsidiaries”

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

4 thoughts on “Do you know AEON? Potential next retail leader!

  1. Hello Sibylle,
    As you said, AEON group may very well become Asian’s Wal-Mart, even bigger!

    VIVRE and MICAL-Honmoku in Yokohama fall in Aeon group. They also have many of their own brands from food to apparel. One of apparell brand competes head to head against UNIQLO in terms of pricing and quality.

    MaxValue, supermarket, MiniStop, convinience store also are in Aeon group.

    You go into their retail stores in your everyday life without knowing they belong to Aeon group.

    • Dear Sugiyama san,

      thank you for your comments. Yes, it is amazing how many companies are combined together under the Aeon group hat. I did not know for a while the connection of Convenient store Mini Stop or then all the drug stores. More details in Japanese can be found under

      Thanks for taking time to read my blog! Appreciate your comments,

      Sibylle Ito

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