Did you experience this year summer heat fatigue?

Personally it seemed to me that this year high summer temperatures were ongoing forever. Not surprisingly even I came close to a heat stroke and the effects of summer heat fatigue became rather common. According to the Nikkei Shinbun survey conducted on Sept. 2-3 showed that 62% of the people interviewed were feeling the effects of summer heat fatigue. The most common symptoms are: having a worn out body and getting tired very quickly, not being able to get a proper night’s rest, feeling dizzy when standing up, mood swings while getting annoyed easily and lost appetite.
How do you beat this year’s seemingly never ending summer? The above mentioned survey conducted with 1030 people showed as the top 10 recommendations:

1. Drinking lots of liquid during the day in small quantities
2. Eating properly 3 times a day
3. Making sure to sleep enough
4. Take a nap during the day
5. Cool down body temperature with a gel towel around the neck (sales was booming this summer!)
6. Work out until the body produces a lot of sweat to cool down
7. Doing simply nothing at home
8. Set the temperature of the air conditioner a bit higher than usual
9. Take a cold bath in the evening to cool down body temperature
10. Change to a summer routine: Sleep early and get up early in the morning

While the temperatures have come down in the meantime and the summer heat is more bearable, still in Tokyo days with temperatures around 30C are continuing. I confess that I truly prefer warm temperatures over chilly cold winters, but this year’s summer was even too much for me.

Still trying to stay cool (Sibylle Ito, シビル伊藤)

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