Trendiest correspondence courses from U-CAN (ユーキャン)

U-CAN is one of the top distance learning provider in Japan. Looking at their most popular programs, it becomes obvious that more and more women have to find ways after childbirth to find a way back into the professional world. Due to the rather strict hiring policies of Japanese companies, for these women having a gap in their professional career limits their opportunities. Therefore their only choice is to start off in a second career like the professions listed below that can be learned through correspondence course and end with a certificate. According to U-CAN presently the most favorite courses are:

1. Medical care office support
2. Public Notary
3. Care Manager
4. Drugstore Assistant
5. Beautiful ball pen writing
6. Real Estate Broker
7. Book keeping Level 2 and 3
8. Microsoft Qualification Certificate
9. Caregiver Office Support
10. Social Insurance Worker

Apart from improving ball pen writing skills all the other courses directly address the social needs due to the aging society or then focus on support for small businesses. I strongly believe that more women entering the workforce after childbirth will have a positive effect on the Japanese society and economy. For sure I wish all these correspondence course students – unrelated to gender – lots of joy while learning, plus opportunities for professional freedom.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

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