And once more…

My apology I can reassure you, that I can hear your sigh of “no, not again!?” I will be traveling for business to Korea for a few days, but will be back home on the next weekend. While being abroad I am not able update my blog.

My sincere apology and I hope you still stay a loyal reader.
Thanks for understanding,

Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

2 thoughts on “And once more…

    • Dear Sugiyama san,

      yes, I was lucky to go for the first time just by taxi to the new Haneda airport! Definitely very comfortable, but I have to say already rather crowded, which causes a long wait for the security check. It seemed that a lot of Japanese housewives are using the chance to visit now Korea…

      Thanks for your constant support,

      Sibylle Ito

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