Most preferred Japanese spaghetti sauces!

Most likely while being in Japan you had noticed that for sure some local restaurants have been creative in making up new Japanese style spaghetti recipes. I am not talking about Udon, Soba or Somen, simply Italian style pasta that gets a special Japanese twist: “Wafu Pasta”. One rather famous example is the “Naporitan Spaghetti” (ナポリタン), which originated in Japan (Yokohama), altough the name shows connection to the Italian city of Napoli. According to Wikipedia the dish consists of spaghetti, tomato ketchup or a tomato-based sauce, onion, button mushrooms, green peppers, sausage, bacon and Tabasco sauce. While the idea of combining soy sauce or similar tastes with pasta might seem not appealing to you, keep your mind open, simply because would consider pasta outside of Italy to taste everywhere the same? Recently Nikkei Shimbun showed the most popular “just mix and eat” Japanese pasta sauces. The decision was based on cost performance, volume and health factor.

1. Fish roe sauce (Tarako: fish roe from family Gadidae), いつもとちがうパスタソースたっぷりソースでうれしいたらこ生風味 (Nisshin Foods, JPY 230)
2. Shrimp tomato cream sauce 海老トマトクリーム (S&B Foods, JPY 240)
3. Sea urchin cream sauce(Uni: sea urchin), あえるだけのパスタソースうにクリーム (Muji, JPY 231)
4. Dry tomato sauce, アーリオオーリオ・パスタソースドライトマト (Kagome, JPY 340)
5. Dried mullet roe sauce, (Karasumi: dried mullet roe),あえるだけのパスタソースからすみ (Muji, JPY 399)

Which is your favorite? If you got now in the meantime truly hungry and wish to make some Japanese style pasta completely by yourself at home, check out the following link: Wafuu Pasta.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

2 thoughts on “Most preferred Japanese spaghetti sauces!

  1. Interesting post – as certainly the range of pasta variations in Japan (with their own distinctive twist on flavours) can be quite interesting. I was a bit surprised when I found out one of my wife’s favourites was Tarako pasta. Simple yes… but quite a different experience. Nowadays I love the Japanese pasta… but it does take a little experimentation.

    • Dear Ben,

      thank you very much for taking time to post a comment.
      I agree with you, because it took some time for me as well to get used to Japanese style pasta. On the other hand, I have to say my first experience with Japanese food – ended up with strong stomach ache – did not stop me to try it again. Not all first trials with Japanese food or beverages were successful, but I have to say it is always worthwhile to try local food.

      All the best from Tokyo,

      Sibylle Ito

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