New Japanese boom: power spots

Do think you don’t have enough luck recently, or even worse potentially having too many bad things happening to you? There is a Japanese solution for it: Go to visit power spots with the intention to turn your life around. According to a recent article of the Asahi Shimbun the latest fad among Japanese, or at least those who believe in supernatural powers, are the so-called power spots: Sites that supposedly “empower” visitors, allowing them to achieve goals otherwise unattainable.
These power spots have become popular with Japanese women in their 20s and 30s. Popular places like shrines and other sites are featured on TV programs or magazine. According to a survey of 531 women by Nobutaka Inoue (professor of religious studies at Kokugakuin University), 383 said they believed in the power spots’ potential. An additional survey by e-woman website (targeted at working women) showed that most respondents believed in “gaining vigor” or “feeling relieved” after having visited these power spots. Even wikipedia is listing the Japanese power spots.
Compared to other cultures, Japanese might have a more spiritual connection to nature. Inoue believes there is a higher acceptance of spiritualism and the mystique of it is connected to traditional Japanese animism. On the other hand, due to the present tougher economical condition and more competition at work, potentially some just hope to find an easy way to be successful according to Inoue san: “A growing number of people, who place faith in luck rather than sheer effort show up at power spots.”
Personally I have visited several sites that have become now popular as power spots. I cannot give any noteworthy feedback, because I could not feel any extraordinary power or refreshment, not did I ever consider myself extraordinary lucky or unlucky. If anything would change, I will keep you posted on where for sure to go, or potentially, which places to avoid.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

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