Changing the tradition of celebrating Xmas in Japan

Most likely with the shift to a more economical version of Christmas celebration in Japan it has become popular this year to make your own Holiday Season goodies instead of purchasing a more deluxe version of it. Instead of going out for a fancy dinner, stay home with your family or friends to enjoy a cosy atmosphere. It seems to me the trend is moving away from spending money for an expensive “once a year experience”, but creating your own home-made special value event. Backing up this trend is Muji with a wide selection of cookies, cakes or even special dinner varieties. They have even created an additional website, showing the actual results of customers making their “Christmas Hexenhaus” (German version of a gingerbread house, origin in the tale of Hansel and Gretel).
Personally I welcome very much this trend because the focus is on doing something creative together as a family and not on the monetary value of some goods. Who knows this trend might be the origin for a new creative generation of Japanese!

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

2 thoughts on “Changing the tradition of celebrating Xmas in Japan

  1. I love the design of the Christmas cakes here! I told some children that Americans don’t eat Christmas cake, and they were shocked! I was trying to tell them that it’s more of a European tradition, and that I think Japanese Christmas cakes are really cool, but I think I might have traumatized them. Not all “foreign culture” is American!

    • Dear Odorunara,

      thank you so much for taking time to comment.
      I know the feeling when you are truthful and comment that not all “foreign things” come from the US, but at the same time distroy a good atmosphere. Many times unwillingly I am destroying images of how “the abroad” is supposed to be.

      All the best,

      Sibylle Ito

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