Happy Holiday Season!

Personally for me today with the 23rd of December the high point of the Holiday Season starts. As the December 23 is a national holiday (天皇誕生日, birthday of the Japanese emperor) it is a good excuse to celebrate Christmas a bit early with friends and then only with family a day later. Soon afterwards then the year nears to the end with the old-established song contest “Kokaku” shown on NHK TV (紅白歌合戦, annual music show on New Year’s Eve). Actually I think this yearly “Red and White Song Battle” is not worthwhile to completely watch, but I love to have it in the background to sing as bad as possible, while making Goyza at home. With Oshogatsu (正月, Japanese New Year) the next excuse for good food and drink is ahead of me.

From the bottom of my heart I wish everyone around this world a Happy Holiday Season and may you find time to relax, having lots of laughter and doing all the things you are doing just once a year.

Wishing you only the very best,

Sibylle Ito

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