Most beloved art museums in Japan

For sure most Japanese tend to be very efficient during vacation, because many locals prefer to combine their private travels with some additional educational side visits. Now during winter season heading out to an Onsen is a common past time. So in order to make the trip more special, visiting spots related to history or culture is rather usual. Recently Nikkei Shimbun has listed the most preferred art museums to visit while being on the road in Japan. The museums presented were separated for Eastern and Western Japan:

Eastern Japan:
1. Kanazawa 21 century Museum of Contemporary Art: Representation of local and international modern art.
2. Adachi Museum of Art: Famous for their Japanese gardens and their collection of contemporary Japanese paintings.
3. Ohara Museum of Art: First western museum of art in Japan.

Western Japan:
1. Hakone Open Air Museum: Impressive outdoor sculpture garden. Note undergoing partial renovation until April 2011.
2. Vangi Sculpture Garden: For sure a unique museum dedicated to a single artist: Italian master sculptor Giuliano Vangi.
3. Kawamura Memorial Museum of Art: Wide overview of traditional and modern art from Japan and the West.

While I believe the list above presents great locations, where art can be appreciated, personally I see one museum missing in the list: Toyota Art Museum (豊田市美術館). Although it might not be around the corner and the access to the museum is not so easy, the trip is worthwhile. Within breathtaking architecture amazing modern art is presented. As you can see below, for sure it created two happy faces!

So next time you are on the road, try to find time to explore art in Japan too.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

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