Is Sony making a comeback in Japan?

I have to confess I am a Sony addict. While living abroad I had perceived Sony as the top home electronics brand, but after moving to Japan when talking to my Japanese friends I heard a different story. Every time when I was talking about how happy I am with my PC, TV or digital camera, the Japanese responded surprised why I expect the product to be functioning for more than a year or to have acceptable quality. While abroad Sony’s image was very good, in Japan the brand seemed to have a very weak response. No matter to whom I had expressed my likings for Sony products in Japan, no one would give me a positive feedback.
Looking at the most recent issue of Nikkei Shimbun an article about the home electronics market in Japan, their data is presenting the sales turnover of roughly 90% of the Japanese market in 2010. The biggest change can be found with lens type digital cameras.

1. Canon (31.5% market share, same rank as last year)
2. Nikkon (28.9 % market share, same rank as last year)
3. Sony (15.2%, not in the top 3 last year)

Further the top 2 companies have lost in 2010 a substantial market share of 11%, which can only reflect the increased consumer likings in Japan for Sony products. For video cameras and music players Sony was able to keep rank 2 respective rank 1. For sure I am curious whether in the future Sony is able to get the brand image up in Japan the way it is (or should I say was) abroad. Potentially this is the only chance for Sony in the long run, because in the meantime abroad Korean brands are in the process of completely taking over the high quality niche.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤) of course written on a Sony Vaio PC

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