When I grow up I want to …

Do you remember what your dreams and goals were when you were around 11-15 years old? I strongly believe these ideas for the future are very much influenced by the upbringing by the parents, experienced culture and educational environment. How does the situation look like in Japan? According to the Nikkei Shimbun Kids News the top desired activities for the youngsters when they have grown up are:

1. Working
2. Being married
3. Driving a car
4. Being able to buy desired products as many as desired
5. Having enough time to play games
6. Raising kids
7. Supporting parents / Doing a part-time job
9. Living on their own
10. Having enough time to watch TV

The answers above reflect the response for 200 Japanese boys and girls. Some of the responses like playing games and watching TV put a smile on my face, because it truly reflects the young age of the people asked. On the other hand, I have to say, I am surprised that 61.5% of the kids asked clearly connect being an adult with working and only 20.0% perceived a relationship between growing up and raising kids. As half of the questioned kids were Japanese girls, I had expected a higher response related to the traditional “women’s tasks”, but it seems that girls are truly changing their future outlook. These responses show less gender based dreams for the future, allowing hopefully more women in the long run more choices on what kind of future they would like to have.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

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