Do you remember Del Cook? Delicious food guaranteed!

I do hope the name Del Cook rings a bell for you. Or if not, try the picture on the side… In case you are still completely lost and have no idea what I am talking about, no problem, I am here to help. Last summer I had interviewed Del Cook about Japanese food and whether it is possible to combine good food with suitable wine. Before the interview I could not imagine how to truly mix two different taste origins: Wine with European origin (or should I say Egypt) and traditional Japanese food. In case if you had not read yet the previous interview, check it out here.
Guess what last Thursday evening Del Cook was presented as a unique cook, who focuses on local food ingredients, but giving everything a French twist and creating completely new taste combinations.

If you cannot imagine what I am talking about, just have a look below. Would you have ever combined shiitake mushrooms with walnuts in a pie? Although I was just watching TV I thought I could smell it.

In case you are not yet impressed and want to see something more mouth-watering: Just check out local meat with red wine sauce and local vegetables.

Some might think I might have now completely gone nuts about food, but let me point out why I am impressed about Del Cook. Instead of following everyone’s goal to be known at some trendy spots around the world, he is not only making a difference in the country side, but as well he is grateful for his environment far from “high society”.

For me this mind-set makes all the difference! I hope one day I can enjoy myself this wonderful cuisine and until then I wish only the best of success to Del Cook.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

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