Tokyo Marathon 2011: Another Matsuri for Tokyo?

To be honest with you I had not planned to go and watch Tokyo Marathon, because personally I am not so into watching sports, as I believe it is more useful to do sports yourself. I had planned to take lots of plum flower pictures today, but these pictures got a bit delayed. On my way to Shibakoen and Hamarikyuonshiteien park – both famous for lots of plum trees in the middle of Tokyo – I bumped into the Marathon running course with all the runners and spectators. I have to say I was truly impressed about the spirit of the runners and the people on the side lines. For sure interesting runners could be found as you can see below. How about muscle man?

Or how about a swan on the run?

Don’t ask me how this person was actually running?!?

From what I saw everything seemed perfectly organized.

Not only unique runners could be seen, but as well interestingly dressed up people on the side lines. There I did not feel like being an observer of a marathon, much more like a participant in a local matsuri with all shouting ongoing (simple encouragements to keep running).

Around Daimon there were unusual sights of Hula girls dancing in the spring sun.

Additionally great rhythm with taiko along the side lines.

For sure I was not the only one taking lots of pictures, although I have no chance and cannot compete with this style of camera.

For sure I do admire all the participants and bow my head in respect. Congratulations to everyone who finished the race! I have my doubts whether I myself would be able to train long and hard enough to be ready for a marathon.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

P.S. The planned plum pictures for today will be uploaded tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Tokyo Marathon 2011: Another Matsuri for Tokyo?

  1. Thank you for nice pictures.
    Each runner enjoy running in thier own ways.

    I am enjoying looking at these peaceful scenery.

    Spring has come!!!

    • Dear Nishi san,

      thanks for your compliment. Looking outside now it seems like a bad joke that I was talking about Spring having arrived in Tokyo. Today we can expect some snow, but I hope seeing the wonderful blossom will warm our hearts.

      Wishing you a wonderful day,

      Sibylle Ito

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