Tokyo in Spring

Today my goal is to send you some Spring feelings to you from two parks in Tokyo (walking distance from Hamamatsu JR station): Hamarikyuonshiteien park and Shibakoen. While for most people Spring is directly connected with cherry blossom in Japan, personally I prefer plum or apricot blossom. The reason is simple: When after the cold winter finally the sun starts to feel a bit warmer, the delicate flowers seem like a miracle and give me hope that soon the comfortable season starts again. When then weeks later finally cherry trees are blossoming, I am already sure that Spring is here and feel less of an excitement. Isn’t plum blossom just wonderful?

Powerful pink:

Two color combination from afar.

Then the closeup of the above.

Another wonderful creation in pink:

Delicate blue (possibly Blue Daze – Evolvulus):

Powerful red flower (Camellia Japonica):

Although Spring means for many that hayfever season has started, I have no intention to create bad feelings, just enjoy these Spring pictures from the comfortable indoors and let’s welcome the warmer temperatures.
Additionally let me point out that even though recently the number of pictures has increased, let me reassure you I have no intention to switch to a photo blog.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

8 thoughts on “Tokyo in Spring

    • Dear Odorunara,

      thank you so much for your kind compliment. I guess we are facing still the same problem, although last weekend the weather was marvelous here. The weather in Tokyo has been very cold the last few days with a lot of strong winds.
      Let’s dream together about Spring warming our days very soon,

      Sibylle Ito

  1. What a beautiful pictures!!

    The sense of harmony and identification with nature makes one of the most conspicuous differences between Japanese and Westerners.

    Appriciation of seasonal change comes from this sense .
    Especially spring from winter change is most exciting one throught the year.

    Cherry trees and other floweres are blossoming, trees and plants are turning green, natural phenomenon in early spring is talmost like a beginning of new life.

    This time of the year, people move a lot, students graduate, go to new school, college graduates start working for the first time, new fiscal year starts at companies, TV programs end and new ones start, and so forth.

    I can’t wait till the real spring gets here!!

    • Dear Sugiyama san,

      I fully agree with you: I cannot wait too until real Spring is here. Yesterday it felt so comfortable and today some snow falling …
      Additionally it is true that in Japan in April many new beginnings do occur like school year, new employees, new home. Honestly this is an aspect that I tend to forget and tend to be surprised why in early April trains tend to be fuller with nicely dressed up young people. For me in the past in Switzerland school started in rougly mid August, job changes happened whenever a new suitable position was found and moving into a new home was simply when the right choice popped up. Apart from the Holiday Season everything seemed to be flexible.

      Let’s see what new things April of this year will bring,

      Sibylle Ito

  2. Beautiful pics 🙂 From what I know, cherry blossoms is a big deal in Japan and it’s even a big part of japanese culture and pride, isn’t it?

    • Dear Paulo,

      you are pointing out an important aspect: Cherry blossoms are precious because the flowers last only for a short period. From my observation I believe plum or apricot blossom seem less fragile. I guess this is another reason why I like the sturdy version 😉 .

      All the best from the cold Tokyo (today chances of snow again),

      Sibylle Ito

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