Where do Japanese kids want to grow up?

Because of the low temperatures in the winter in Switzerland, the climate had been always been a challenge for me – simply because I was constantly catching a cold, recovering from a cold and getting a cold again – I was dreaming to live in a warm environment or at least to have comfortable warm snow. While growing up both options had not been a choice for me, but at least later on when living in Los Angeles or now in Tokyo the cold winter temperatures are now no more such a hassle. I was wondering whether Japanese kids have the same dreams about which region they would like to live (Nikkei Shimbun survey of 200 kids in the age range from 11 to 15 years old):

1. Okinawa
2. Happy where I am living now, or then Tokyo
4. Hokkaido
5. Kanagawa
6. Kyoto
7. Chiba or Osaka
9. Shizuoka
10. Nara

63 Japanese kids crave for warmer temperatures, but more amazingly I was happy to find that 61 kids are happy where they life now. Although there is a saying that “grass looks greener on the other side” I guess apart from the ocean and warm temperature nothing beats the known present comfortable surrounding.

All the best from happily living in Tokyo,

Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

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