Another business trip coming up

For the next 10 days I will be on another business trip, heading this time to the Southern part of the US. Don’t be jealous, because you expect me to have a wonderful lazy time below palm trees, because the trip is for work purpose and I will be pretty busy with meetings and getting stiff legs standing around at an exhibition. I hope to see you back here on this blog in later March, when I will be back home again in Tokyo.
Wishing you in the meantime a wonderful period and all the best! See you soon again!

Sibylle Ito

2 thoughts on “Another business trip coming up

    • Dear Gary,

      thanks for your comment and time visiting this blog.
      Although I had planned to visit a big exhibition in Atlanta, the earthquake hit when I was ready to check in at Narita (Tokyo). Until I was able to get a flight out of Japan again, it was no more worthwhile to attend the exhition in Atlanta.
      On the other hand, yes, I have visited many times Houston. My godchildren are living there.

      All the best from sunny Tokyo,


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