Reliable data in regard to disaster in Japan

Personally one of the biggest lessons learned from the ongoing disaster in Japan is the need to stay focused on a reliable news source. Personally I think the quality and depth of delivered news and data depended on the TV network, but I have to say I have felt appropriate informed and kept up to date (my preferred choice became channel 51 on digital TV in Tokyo, analog channel 10: All-Nippon News Network). Although NHK was the main source quoted abroad, over time I got dissatisfied with the coverage and lack of addressing the needed challenging questions.
If you are interested, do note great websites exist in English that cover the available data in regard to earthquakes and radioactivity. My recommendation goes to, simply because they are sharing the available information and leave it up to you to make a personal decision. Have a look at this link. Otherwise a list of many local independent radioctivity measuring points can be found here, where you are free to choose your location and source.
Sadly on the other hand a lot of panic stories and lies went around the globe, which had been excellently collected on the following link representing the Journalist Wall of Shame . I hope you will agree with me and stay away from these “journalists” and so-called “news source”. If you have any question about the situation now in Tokyo, do let me know.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

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