Why Japan is my preferred home: Human strength and warmth make a difference

Today is a special day for all Japanese: April 1 is the start of the new financial year. This is the time when graduates join their employer and internal company transfers or reorganizations occur. At the same time spring can be felt with the rising temperatures, cherry blossom is near and everything seems to explode with energy. All this drive and energy is exactly what brings now Japanese together to overcome this disaster to rebuild a strong Japan.
Yes, I am truly hyped up, simply because the last few weeks has given me more reasons to call Japan my preferred home in this world. Let me list my personal top 10 reasons:

1. Peace of heart, found finally after moving to Japan a truly secure and relaxed feeling
2. A very safe heaven: Unlike other places I have lived, I never need to think twice about how I hold my bag and whether my valet is really properly stored.
3. Found the love of my life in Japan
4. Learned in Japan the meaning of loyalty and teamwork, furthermore deep friendship and support network like I had never experienced so far
5. Sunny winters that let me endure the cold temperature
6. Forces me to stay open-minded and accept more than one viewpoint
7. Potentially focused on Tokyo: I am in a gourmet heaven with all this variety of food from all around the world.
8. Able to create my own niche: As a foreigner I might stand out, but at the same time have a lot of freedom to create the life that is most suitable for me.
9. Customer service: Being on the receiving end it is just wonderful.
10. しょうがない (shoganai, can’t be helped): A common understanding that not everything can be organized and controlled. Sometimes you have to make just the best of a situation.

Some naysayers might not be happy with my list above, therefore I add three disadvantages of calling Japan my chosen home:

1. It hurts me to see the limited capabilities in marketing or negotiation from the Japanese side in the global market
2. Restrictions on imports in order to protect local manufacturers: Can only import Vitamins from abroad that reflect a four-month ration. Limited availability of modern flight security systems and many other goods and services.
3. Hope for an increased awareness of women that it is unfair to a male partner to depend on him for support for the rest of the life. If a woman respects a man, she has to stand first on her own feet.

Let’s join our forces, enjoy the new energy of spring and make a difference in our surrounding.
Wishing everyone a wonderful spring,

Sibylle Ito

4 thoughts on “Why Japan is my preferred home: Human strength and warmth make a difference

    • Dear Elle Marie,

      thank you very much for your kind words. I truly appreciate your time to visit this blog and add your comment.

      Wishing you only the very best,

      Sibylle Ito

  1. Hi Sibylle,

    I follow you on twitter with @awintech account. Congrats, this’s a very nice description of ‘Why Japan is my preferred home’.

    I agree with you in all your points of view and, I can bet that there are many other people, like us, which has the same though!

    Best wishes, Rogério.

    • Dear Rogerio,

      thank you very much for your kind words.
      I have to confess I wish I could read your blog, but my language capabilities are not good enough.
      Looking forward to exchanging interesting tweets with you!

      All the best from clowdy Tokyo,


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