How much are the Japanese willing to pay for art at home?

I was truly curious to hear more about the budget of Japanese art lovers especially considering the smaller size of the Japanese homes and a simpler approach to interior design, when at the same time art museums seem to attract always a large number of visitors, even though the tickets seem to me rather pricy. Nikkei Shimbun had collected the response of 618 Japanese (half female and half male). Honestly I did not expect a larger budget, because not only space at home is limited, how can you make sure that the art is properly protected in a worst case scenario of a bigger earthquake. Showing off art and one’s taste is not common. Although having home parties is becoming more popular with the younger generation, but still a huge gap to the “my home is your home” approach from abroad.
The most common response with 28% was that there is no intention to buy any art at all. Although this response shocked me, after serious thinking I cannot remember having ever heard from a Japanese friend or acquaintance that they had recently made any art purchases. Although the majority clearly expressed no interest in spending money on art, another challenge of Japanese homes needs to be considered. Rather often the response showed that even if the interest is there, most likely the desired art work might not fit the atmosphere at home and no purchase takes place.

up to JPY 5000: 17%
from JPY 5001 up to JPY 10,000: 17%
from JPY 10,001 up to JPY 30,000: 18%
from JPY 30,001 up to JPY 50,000: 13%
more than JPY 50,000: 7%

Looking at these responses I am wondering how tough a life of an artist must be in Japan. Unless one is discovered it seems to me unlikely for anyone to be able to make a living.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

One thought on “How much are the Japanese willing to pay for art at home?

  1. It was hard enough planning and saving for a dream home here, so I’m not sure I’ll be adding any asset worthy art anytime soon, but I would spend up to JPY 30,000, but stay under 150,000, I want a floor to ceiling piece, it doesn’t even have to be from anyone famous, just something that grabs me, but I will say, I’m not looking right now. In fact, I’m considering selling our condo, because two mortgages is pulling at my pocket strings, if I want the extension on the house for the business…that is slowly moving along…

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