How much money is spent for a family member’s present?

The upcoming mother’s day is a good example, when a present for a family member is expected. A recent Nikkei Shimbun showed an overview of the responses of 618 Japanese on how much they usually spend for a present. Let me point out that I personally believe a present cannot be measured by the monetary value. From experience I argue that most of the time the heart-moving presents are based on a small financial investment and added a lot of personal touch to make the present one of a kind.

Up to JPY 1000: 2%
JPY 1001 to JPY 3000: 25%
JPY 3001 to JPY 5000: 30%
JPY 5001 to JPY 10,000: 32%
more than JPY 10,001: 6%
give no presents: 5%

Along the same lines from a cultural viewpoint I am always amazed that in Japan carnation are a popular selection as mother’s day flower. Where I grew up in Switzerland carnation were mainly used for funerals. As I have no kids, consequently I will never end up in the situation of being truly shocked to receive funeral flowers for mother’s day.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

3 thoughts on “How much money is spent for a family member’s present?

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