Increasing popularity of long term Japanese delicacy home delivery service

Beluna Gourmet is just one example of a one year-long food delivery contract that allows you to enjoy every month some different Japanese delicacies arranged around a certain topic. In this case it is vegetable or tofu based low-calorie dish cooked according to old traditional recipes. Depending on the month and the season a selection of 10 different delicacies are packed to be easily warmed up in a microwave for about JPY 4179 shipped to a home in Japan.
Two trends are supporting the boom of these kind of services: Increased concerns of the buyer, who wants to know from where exactly the food comes from and a desire to enjoy good healthy food without having to cook everything from scratch by themselves. More and more young housewives are supporting the first trend to allow safe food for their kids, especially since the disaster in Northeast Japan. Then more and more elderly, plus health conscious busy professionals see these delivery services a good option to bring in variety to a quick basic rice and miso soup arrangement.
I confess that I have not tried yet one of those delivery options, although I really like the concept, traveling quite a lot for business will not allow me to be always at home to pick up perishable food. If you ever had tried one of this long-term delivery services, please do let me know about your experience.

Brought to you by a in the meantime very hungry Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

4 thoughts on “Increasing popularity of long term Japanese delicacy home delivery service

  1. I have, and I still am, aside from vacations, or holidays, I try to eat healthy but I don’t always have the time or want to cook, prep, count calories… I use a chef who just started their business, not quite large as belluna but I’m quite happy with it, in fact, I’m thinking of trying belluna as well. One might think a private chef/delivery service is astronomical, but it’s actually just a little bit more than what we would pay for a bento from the supermarket.

    • Dear Elle Marie,

      is there any chance that you could let us know the chef you are using? I am truly curious.

      All the best from sunny Tokyo,


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