Overview of the nuclear power plant sites in Japan

Honestly I never expected that I will study a flyer from the METI (Keizai Sangyosho, Keizai Sangyo Kyoku) so closely after attending the Smart Energy 2011 exhibition at Tokyo Big Site in February 2011. It was just one of those handouts, which you either will throw away soon after the exhibition or then it gets stuck in one of the to do later pile. I did not come across it again until today. The overview below shows all the sites and sizes of the nuclear power plants in Japan. When observing now after the disaster quite quickly the Fukushima site pops up, especially when considering the number of reactors compared to all other present sites. The tsunami truly hit Japan at a very weak spot. Additionally the overview of the share of nuclear energy of solely 3% of the total use in 1973 and the immense increase up to 29% in 2009 leaves me speechless.

One final comment in regard to all the challenges of energy consumption: I truly hope and pray that in the near future the site in Shizuoka is not hit by a similar sized tsunami, because we would have to face the consequences of a second “Fukushima” as the present protection wall is much lower. Don’t ask me what this actually would mean for the future of Japan….

Brought to you by a concerned Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

2 thoughts on “Overview of the nuclear power plant sites in Japan

  1. I just heard that Kan (although not mandatory) suggested that the plan in Shizuoka begin its cooling down stage, and to eventually become dormant?

    • Dear Elle Marie,

      I had this blog post scheduled to be uploaded and soon afterwards, I heard the news from Prime Minister Kan. I was surprised and happy to hear the actions taken. Let’s see next week how soon actually actions will be taken. According to Mainichi Shimbun “Chubu Electric Power Co. plans to stop all reactors at its Hamaoka nuclear plant in central Japan following Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s request to do so for security reasons, company sources said Friday.”

      Simply dreaming about a safer Japan,

      Sibylle Ito

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