Don’t forget the 8 days cooling off period!

No, I am not talking again about warm temperature, but the recent increase of cases where Japanese people were cheated out of money related with products/services connected to the recent earthquake. Fake donation companies that collect more money for themselves than the actual sufferers do exist. Wonderful unique mineral water that is available for only a limited time with a tiny stock left, or then fake services that help to decrease the potential damages of an earthquake at home are promoted. Unique fund and bond offers pop up with the simply goal to deceive some people out of money. I do understand that challenging times bring different personalities to the surface, but do we need this kind of “how to fool others business”? Isn’t it more important to get back on track and speed up efficiency, productivity and profitability?
For the worst case scenario when you entered a contract that does not reflect your likings, most important is to remember that in Japan as well the 8 days cooling off period exists. If you feel fooled into unwanted business actions, make sure you react in time to get out of the contract.

Brought to you by a concerned Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

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