Tohoku Earthquake effect on the stock market: 28.8% of the stocks went up, 70.2% down

Based on a recent report in the Nikkei Shimbun it is not surprising that most electric power related company traded stocks have shown a downturn since the disasters had struck Japan. Furthermore that the stocks of TEPCO went downhill by almost 80% is not surprising, while other traditional energy or machinery/power tool related companies have made a strong comeback. On the other hand I do not understand the reason for a sudden rise of the stock prices of Gree (Japanese social networking site)? Although only 1% of the traded stocks stayed more or less in the same range, honestly I expected bigger shifts in the shown 1 1/2 month period after the event.

Top winners:
1. Showa Shell
2. Komatsu
3. Gree
4. Nikki
5. Makita
6. Yamaha
7. Sumco
9. Mitsui Chemicals
10. Kuraray

Top losers:
2. Tohoku Electric
3. NEC
4. TDK
5. Mizuho Securities
6. Kyushu Electric
7. Kansai Electric
8. Hokuriku Electric
9. Mizuho Financial Group
10. Sega

I guess the consequences of the widespread computer system failure in March by Mizuho is not over yet. Although according to the Wall Street Journal Mizuho Bank President Satoru Nishibori will step down to take responsibility for computer system problems, I cannot imagine it will enough for re-establishing trust. Millions of customers had been affected soon after the March 11 quake, when in such a time of uncertainty disruptions of ATM operations, salary payments and other transactions cannot be easily forgotten.
For sure I am curious to see the long-term changes on the Japanese stock market. I will keep you posted!

Sibylle Ito

2 thoughts on “Tohoku Earthquake effect on the stock market: 28.8% of the stocks went up, 70.2% down

  1. I was a bit shocked to hear about #5 in the losers corner!!! I have my investments wide spread, but this fall is nothing like what my parents lost during the Lehman brothers….um.. Scam!

    • Dear Elle Marie,

      ooops, how shall I feel now? I brought bad news to a highly respected reader, or was it an in time wake up call? For sure I always appreciate your comments.

      Wishing you only the very best,


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