Are you ready for the dream cat: Japanese robotics

What I definitely see as the biggest Japanese export potential for the future are toys based on Japanese robotic technology know how. Thinking of toys don’t assume that it would only cover the market for kids, I see for the future seniors as a good target too. Recently the Japan Net TV shopping is promoting a very special cat: A dream cat by Sega Toys (夢ねこヴィーナス, check out video on the bottom right, careful rather noisy setting). This is the perfect tool/toy for those people, who cannot really have a cat on their own due to whatever reasons, but they would be happy to enjoy the company of something similar to a real pet. Through the Japan TV shopping network for just JPY 9967 you can get your own robot cat.
Just imagine the effect a toy like this could have to create a warmer environment in retirement homes, as a tool for more introvert elderly to approach others to talk or then the cat can become a catalyst to establish increased communication with those living and working at retirement homes. Wouldn’t it be a nice motivation tool during rehabilitation after sickness or accidents? Personally I cannot yet fully warm up to the idea of robot pet, but for sure I can imagine to be happy to have a dream cat to play with when left all alone.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

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