Back home… but urgh

The good news is the two-week business trip was a success and I am finally back home again. The bad news is, when I woke up the first morning at home I realized that I caught a flu and got rather high fever. Presently I am back to work as I have visitors from abroad coming in this week. Honestly I still feel groggy with all the drugs, so give me some time to fully recover. For sure I will keep you posted with new articles, because I got some really interesting insights from Asia in comparison to Japan, which I would like to share with you.

A feverish, sneezing, sore throat

Sibylle Ito

4 thoughts on “Back home… but urgh

    • Dear GY, Elle Marie and Cocomino,

      thank you so much for all your kind words. For sure this cold caught me off guard, especially as it seems to go on for so long with fever.

      Truly appreciate your warm comments,


  1. Wow, feel better, this isn’t even the season (dry air) but flying with all the air circulated on the airplane is where you might have caught it? I takes these no flu pills before flying to help with that.. goodness feel better, I imagine you must have felt bad since you went to the doctors and got meds! I don’t know how, but I toughed it out without meds once but it was awful, I could barely move to take a shower! Feel better soon and fast!

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