Reminding Japanese food & beverage companies not to forget the end user’s needs!

To be honest and frank with you, shopping in the last few weeks has become more challenging. I might be overreacting, when I prefer at the moment to be better safe than sorry later on. Until I am proven different, I am simply applying what was learned after Chernobyl and take a closer look about the food and beverages that I am purchasing. Because so far only few packaging actually have the information about the place of origin of the content and the processing site, I feel forced to write an open letter.

Open letter to beverage & food manufacturers in Japan

To whom it might concern;

For me my purchasing behavior has changed since March 12 and I am very unlikely to return to my old pattern. Now everything that I buy for my personal consumption, whether it is beverage or food, I always check the source of the ingredients and the manufacturing place. In so many cases for both sites solely the address of the headquarters is listed. The times have changed since the Great Eastern Earthquake and no matter what my image of the brand had been beforehand, unless I can find information about the origin of the ingredients or the bottling or packaging site, I will not buy the product.
Honestly it is too time consuming, if I have to check on the internet beforehand where your OEM manufacturer might have their site. Therefore I will neglect your product and purchase a product that is properly labeled.
One might argue that all the products now in the market were still manufactured before the earthquake, which could be true in some few cases, but not in general. Everyone had been affected by this disaster and can sense the shift that had occurred. I am shocked about the fact that most companies are so slow in the adaption to basic new market demands. So far I had thought that most companies desire to be close to the end-user, but more than 3 months have passed and I have seen so few beverage & food companies to adjust the new end user basic expectations.

I really want to buy my daily necessary goods manufactured in Japan. I sincerely ask you to give me a chance to become a loyal consumer again.

A simple end user in Tokyo,

Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

2 thoughts on “Reminding Japanese food & beverage companies not to forget the end user’s needs!

  1. I am so glad you said this, I was just typing up a post about the “ongoing” fear, at first I was biting my friends and family’s head off for over-reacting, but now I’m sort of regretting what I didn’t say and did say. It’s not safe, we are far from being safe.

    What really irks me is recent media and their panel would eat something from the Tohoku region and reclaim over and over again “see we are eating it” and so should you. All the security and faith I had in the country quickly was ripped right out underneath of me. They are carefully choosing words like “NO IMMEDIATE” health risk, but NHK, and the media have failed to mention anything about the fallout, the wind, rain, and weather bringing debris, we can at least control what we put in our body internally. I am now questioning the bentos we eat, it’t not labeled of where the veggies, meat or fish came from. What about the hot spots? High levels have been recorded right here in Central Japan, and Osaka, so I think we are far from safe.

    Isn’t it even more scary when the gov raised the preliminary readings, just so they could declare “we are safe”? It makes me feel like the media, nhk are all in bed with Tepco?

    • Dear Elle Marie,

      thank you for your honest feedback.
      Considering what had been flying around after March 11, the worst is over and in the meantime our body has exposed of it naturally. But what we will have to deal with for a long period is the potential contamination of food and beverage. More and more data is available, but the question for me is that I would like to have the choice that I can make informed decisions by myself in regard to what I drink and eat.

      Best regards,


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