Setsuden stinks!

Yes, you heard me right. I truly think that power saving – Setsuden – stinks! Since the power saving actions have started latest last Friday, I am experiencing a new Japan. It stinks on the train of sweat and other body odors, the exhibition last week was full of people having their own unique “natural” perfume trail behind them and a friend of mine wrote that her office stinks. Although I have known a Japan where cleanliness of the body, taking a daily bath or shower is common, the recent increases in room temperatures show that still some, especially elder men, are not yet used to the daily use of a deodorant to keep the smell of sweat down. Honestly I prepared myself that this summer will be hot, but I had not thought it through, that this summer might really stink.
Understand me right keeping the electricity use down is very much-needed, but make sure it is a win situation for everyone involved.

Doing my best not to melt in a rather stinky Tokyo,

Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

One thought on “Setsuden stinks!

  1. I’m concerned about people who will suffer heat exhaustion.
    This year the number of patient must increase because of setsuden.
    I hope setuden will not damage health and we should think about the other way to reduce the energy.

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