Saving electricity is great, but do it right!

For sure saving electricity is a hot topic these days. While you might get annoyed that I am talking again about power saving, let me tell you this is for me a daily concern. I have to say although Tokyo has become smellier, I am amazed how much is done everywhere. As previously demanded by the governor of Tokyo the vending machines are now during the humid summer in the energy saving mode. I even heard in some cased that the cooling of the drinks is cut so much, that the drinks are now lukewarm. While there are many actions taken that help to decrease the energy consumption, recently Asahi TV showed that some of the commonly known tricks to reduce energy consumption might not have the effect as expected.

Pouring water on concrete entry/balcony: The temperature of the wetted surrounding actually goes down, but one needs to be careful that the high humid temperature does not enter any air-conditioned environment. It takes much more energy to cool down highly humid air than dry air.

Light sequencing: Almost everywhere in stores, underground walkways, offices you can find light bulbs taken out in sequence. Only if a light chain is completely switched off, the electricity consumption goes down. If within a power loop some light bulbs are taken out, still these sockets can emit some electricity, plus to make matters worse can become a potential danger spot.

Summer time: Starting to work earlier than usual can have a positive effect on the electricity consumption at the office, but at the same time if everyone is going home soon after work to the hot home and then switching on their individual air-conditioning, in total we can only observe increased energy consumption.

Although first voices are heard that so much electricity saving is not necessary as it seems to be just a trick to push for more nuclear power plants to be built, personally I see no disadvantage in cutting down my personal total energy consumption (not just electricity). At the end becoming more conscious about the direct effects of our electricity consumption is a great first step that moves everyone into action to demand a more sustainable energy scenario for the future.

Having a big smile on my face because the sky is cloudy and grey, which promised cooler temperature today,

Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

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