My recommendation for a hot summer day in Tokyo

Although summer has just started in Tokyo, due to all the power saving I am already longing very badly for cooler, more comfortable temperature. Last week I spent an afternoon in my neighborhood visiting the Aquarium in Shinagawa. No matter how you think about animals being cached up, I have to say I truly enjoyed the afternoon. For sure the cooler temperatures inside and around the outside pools was such a nice break from the heat. Furthermore, you can do a good deed in regard to other sufferers of the Tohoku Earthquake: Inhabitants of many zoos and aquariums.
Honestly I did not spend much thought so far about the consequences for all the damaged zoos and aquariums in the affected areas. Lifelines like electricity, water and distribution of food and materials had been interrupted due to the earthquake. Some animals died due to the sudden shifts in temperature or environment and in some cases the animals had to be transported as quickly as possible to other sites.
Thinking back to my childhood, I truly loved to go to the zoo, because it was a place where I could admire the animals I truly care about. Taking it a step further, I am sure the children now in the affected areas in the north of Japan must enjoy to have an opportunity to see animals in their local zoos as well. Don’t forget to support the Japanese zoos!

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

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