If you splurge at lunch in Japan…

How much are you willing to spend? A recent survey with 618 Japanese questioned (half male/female) at the Nikkei Shimbun showed that the typical range is from JPY 2000-3000. Considering that the monthly allowance for the salarymen has decreased quite a bit recently, plus most likely a typical lunch in the middle of Tokyo is around JPY 1000, the given answers do not sound to me as an expensive luxury.

JPY 500-1000: 2 percent
JPY 1001-2000: 27 percent
JPY 2001-3000: 30 percent
JPY 3001-5000: 19 percent
more than JPY 5001: 20 percent
I don’t eat out lunch: 2 percent

One of the comment of a male participant was that considering the offered lunch menus compared to the pricier dinner selection, it makes sense to enjoy the good deals around lunch time. Another response of a woman was that she enjoys the special feeling of being treated special and enjoying good food during daytime. According to her having a glass of wine allows a nice break.
Personally I like to splurge for a good lunch from time to time and I think I end up as well in the popular bracket. On the other hand I have to say these days with the warm temperature I don’t feel like eating much until the temperature goes down in the evening.

I hope you can enjoy a special lunch,

Sibylle Ito (シビル伊藤)

2 thoughts on “If you splurge at lunch in Japan…

  1. I would meet up with a friend for lunch, but it started to become so expensive, so I cut it back to twice a week. 3000yen everyday, five days a week really starts to add up. We started having lunch later at each others house, but still splurge twice a week.

    • Dear Elle Marie,

      thank you so much for your comment.
      Just in time today I overheard three salarymen to discuss their lunch habits. One of them got their special attention, because he is frequently having his lunch at a place where he can fill his stomach more or less for JPY 360 (main dish, incl. miso soup and Japanese pickles). It seemed to me that none of the three had any budget left for some special lunch. What a gap to the findings from Nikkei Shimbun.

      All the best from hot Tokyo,


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