Why is “Japanese High School students” such a highly researched topic?

Although I have never set any focus on the topic of Japanese High School students in my blog, the review tools of WordPress (the used software tool for this blog) shows me that daily at least 7 people come to visit this blog based on their google research topic related Japanese High School students. To be honest with you I cannot understand why. Furthermore after checking what really pops up when looking this topic up on google, I cannot find any connections to my blog on the first few pages. This cannot be and I continued to check for my blog. Guess what on page 38 (!!!) the first link to my blog is found. Most likely it will be as unbelievable for you as for me, have a look below on the search result found on January 17th:

Can you image or understand why someone would bother to go through more than 37 pages of google research pages related to the topic of Japanese High School students? I am flabbergasted. 7 or more people are daily in search of more information on such a topic? Why bother to go to through so many pages and not give up after a few minutes? Getting to google research page 38 takes time! I can only wonder what kind of information seems to be missing on the previous pages. Contact me, if you are curious or have questions in regard to anything related to Japanese High School students. Otherwise, if you have any idea on why the topic of Japanese High School students is such a highly researched topic, please do comment. I honestly have no clue.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Sibylle Ito (伊藤シビル)

12 thoughts on “Why is “Japanese High School students” such a highly researched topic?

    • Dear Keiko,

      thanks for your recommendation. I have looked up the book, but to be honest I am concerned, because the publishing date is from 2010 it could be outdated already. Popular culture seems to change so quick, every time I go to Harajuku I sense I got even further out of touch with the High School culture. What do you think? Did yo like the book?

      Curious to hear more from you,


  1. Hi Sibylle, have you considered, dare I say it, the likelihood it is related to Pr0n? (sounding like ‘pawn’, spelled differently).

    There are many search words, and 20-25% of search engine keywords search & more for traffic on the internet are related to this subject.

    • Dear Jason,

      thank you for taking time to comment. I like your “riddle” about a potential reason why people might want to look up High School Students on the Internet. I agree there is a good possibility that some “content” surfers might be looking for some sleazy topic, but when I wrote this article I hoped someone could give me a positive alternative viewpoint. I guess the desire to find some sleazy content explains then as well the drive to go through more than 37 pages of content.

      Hope to see you here again,


  2. Japanese high school students are thought to be so far ahead in math and science that many,many graduate schools are requiring their students to dig and dig and DIG to find out why. That is why they found your blog! Hooray! So glad you shared this with us.

    • Dear Granbee,

      thanks for your comment, which is rather surprising to me. So far I had never perceived Japanese High School students so advanced in math or science, especially when compared to other Asian countries.
      Let’s hope the drive to find out more pushes really the students to dig deeper than potentially before.

      Thanks for your time to visit this blog,


  3. Hi Sibylle,

    I know that in the U.S., at least, it’s a popular assignment to tell students to “find out what high school is like in other countries.” Students might then have to put together a small report or paper or something describing what they wear, what they eat for lunch, subjects typically studied, clubs, how long the school day is, etc.

    some people who draw anime/manga could google images to see what uniforms look like.

    The only other reason I could think of people googling that is for well…fetish pornography >.<

    • Dear Bridget,

      good to hear from you again!
      To be honest I did not know that this kind of High School students in other countries research assignments existed. I never had to do it myself, or potentially it could be a generation gap and it is now rather common in Switzerland :O
      Personally what I fear is that this drive to research Japanese High School students might be based on a simple fetish desire. I hope we are wrong.

      All the best from cold, cold Tokyo,


    • Dear Airsquadron,

      good to hear that I am not the only one exposed to the same search routines, but on the other hand it might be another proof that information in regard to Japanese High School Students is missing.
      Thanks for your kind compliment.

      Hope to see you here again,


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