Amazing map about altitude of Shinagawa

I must say I truly appreciate to live in the Shinagawa ward, not only for the convenience of being close to important spots in Tokyo plus the airport, but as well the services given to the inhabitants. Just in time with the news of the increased probability of an earthquake in Kanto area in the next four years (70 percent chance of a magnitude 7-level earthquake hitting the capital), the recent weekly Shingawa ward newsletter showed a good comparison on what to expect in case of a Tsunami in Tokyo Bay or then with the Shonan line. The picture on the side shows that due to the coastline Tokyo will experience a much lower wave compared to the V-shaped line of the Shonan area.

Furthermore, the ward office provided an overview about the actual altitude in the Shinagawa ward in case of a Tsunami warning for Tokyo bay. As shown below the areas blue to green are not more than 3 meter above sea level. Orange or then darker orange is still only 5m resp. 10m above sea level.

Personally, I had reviewed the safety of our rented apartment after the earthquake and came to the conclusion that most likely we should be safe in our building during an earthquake, plus then with an incoming Tsunami for Tokyo Bay we might have to move up to higher floors, but still we expect the building to keep its basic structure. No, I am not a pessimist that I bother with this kind of prevention, but I simply have learned that the unthinkable can happen and it does not hurt to be prepared. Most likely I will not experience in my lifetime a similar disaster like this once in 1000 year Tsunami; still I prefer to be safe than sorry.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (伊藤シビル)

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