Wherever I go, I have a small camera with me, because it allows me to share with others an interesting scenery or simply immortalize memories for myself. Let me share with you a few pictures that I took recently, who showed some “oops” effects in Japan.
During the still rather cold season in February I came across some couples getting married at Meji-Jingu. While I was admiring the wonderful kimono’s I unwillingly took a picture of a newer aspect of Japanese culture: Wearing heat-tech underwear with a Kimono. Ooops, I did not expect to see this.

By chance I came across the situation below, when the window display was already supposed to be finished at the newly opened Diver City shopping center in Odaiba, but I guess, someone forgot to add all the parts to the display. Ooops, arms missing…

Sometimes the use of English language can be interesting in Japan. I really wonder what is actually closed on the picture below (instead of “do not enter” the wording “closed” was used). Ooops, I cannot see the closed structure…

I hope you enjoyed as well the selection of some Japanese “ooops” in daily life.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (伊藤シビル)

5 thoughts on “Ooops…

    • Dear Click here,

      thanks for pointing out that I am being presently copied word for word on a Bing blog. I guess I have to see it as a compliment, but honestly I believe it is only fair from the “author” to inform me.

      Truly appreciate your time to let me know about the plagiarism occuring.

      Best regards,

      Sibylle Ito

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