Interest for Japan is increasing!

Recently the interest in topics related to Japan has been increasing… or this is what I had thought. Last few weeks I had been really surprised and happy to find that overall the access from outside sources to this blog had increased a lot. Over night it had quadrupled. I was even assuming that Japan was moving up on the global popularity list and interest in regard to business with Japan was regaining its previous strength…
I had been wrong. By a lovely reader of this blog I had been informed that my articles are published one to one on a different site. I had no idea, nor had I been informed previously. Quite many of my articles of this year were copied several times at Japan Blog.
I had emailed and added comments to my articles, but no response. Should I be angry because someone just copy pastes my thoughts to their blog? Or should I be happy that I am perceived as so good, definitely worthwhile to be copied word by word? Right now I am simply considering the last one, because I must be truly amazing 😉

If ever Japan Blog bothers to consider my side of the story: How about informing me that you are copying my articles word by word? I just consider it fair.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (伊藤シビル)

5 thoughts on “Interest for Japan is increasing!

  1. I can understand the interest from a lot of people to hear about japan from a person who shares both Japanese and other cultures. This is what has brought me here myself. So you can count me as a legit “foreign” reader for your blog, Sibylle!

    I would not worry about the propagation of your words, as much as about the positive impact you have on people around you. 😉

    Thanks for your posts. Have a nice summer.

    • Dear Yan,

      thank you very much for your kind words.
      Although I am not able to post as many articles as I wish to do time restrictions, I am trying my best to keep readers posted on what is going on in Japan.

      Hope to see you here again.

      Wishing you only the very best from Tokyo,


  2. In WordPress, there is a reblog link at the top. Many of us reblog posts that relate to the messages we are carrying in our own blogs! Of course, the proper credit for the originating author’s blog is provided automatically in a linkback!

  3. I agree totally that these these thoughts are yours and should never be plagiarized.
    I have enjoyed reading your articles; having lived in Japan for over 20 years, there’s still so much to learn.
    Keep ’em coming, please.

  4. Actually this is an automatic thing.. using you RSS feed I suppose…
    there is the link to your post at the end..
    there is a lot of site like this, just using bot that take everything related to X subject and post it automatically 😉

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