My compliment to the Shinagawa ward!

Today I had found out for the first time what actually the height is of the place I am living. Actually I cannot talk much about height or being much above sea level, because we are just 2m above. In the past I had not seen any of this kind of easily understandable signs in the street, like shown in the picture below, but recently the ward I am living in Tokyo Shinagawa had been proactive and signed quite a bit of the Shinagawa area closer to the Ocean. Having all this talks about finding new earthquake faults – especially the one’s connected to Mount Fuji – forces everyone to truly consider the worst case scenario of another bigger earthquake looming in the near future. Instead of panicking, I truly appreciate the Japanese proactive approach of trying to prepare for the unthinkable.

After having moved to Shinagawa almost 3 years ago, I became more aware about the interesting environment I am living in. Few minutes walk away there is the old route to Kyoto: Tokaido (東海道 East Sea Road), which was the major road from old Edo Tokyo to Kyoto. In one of the walks in my neighbourhood I came across the two pictures showing the vast reclaimed land from 1912 as shown in the top small picture and then compared to 1995 below. You can actually see the darker clusters close, but not too to close to the sea, where the Todaido road was heading south towards Kyoto. Contrary nowadays Shinagawa has become a busy place with lots of new land created for offices, homes and some production plants. Just within 80 years it seems to me a completely different world.

Although in the worst case scenario a Tsunami might be reaching the area I am living, still for me it is a truly cosy place to live. Thanks Shinagawa ward to keep us prepared for the non-preparable worst case event!

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (伊藤シビル)

3 thoughts on “My compliment to the Shinagawa ward!

    • Dear Granbee,

      recently I see these signs popping up more often and it is interesting for me to realize although the area around my home looks flat, actually it is not as flat as I had thought.

      Hope to see you here again,


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