What kind of plant would you like to grow?

200 Japanese kids in the age range of 10 to 14 years had been asked on a recent survey of the Nikkei Shimbun about what kind of plant they would like to grow on their own. I believe this questionnaire originates from a Japanese school habit, when the students are asked as a part the summer holiday homework to take care of a certain plant. Although Hydrangea as shown on the side becomes very popular in Japan during early summer – especially rainy season – the choices made by the children seem very interesting to me.
Number one was strawberry, which was for me very surprising, because I had assumed the children would be trying to let something grow that is in season in Summer. Looking at the product offerings in the stores, the high season for strawberries in Japan is in the winter (vinyl house farming). On the other hand, potentially, because strawberries are not found in the stores in summer, the desire to plant some of their own makes sense. The ranking follows as below:

1. Strawberry
2. Rice
3. Tomato
4. Corn
5. Cucumber
6. Water melon
7. Muscat melon
8. Grape
9. Potato
10. Clementine

I do not know what your favorite might be, but if I had a chance now I would love to have some “tororo” or “nagaimo” (Japanese yam: lit. long yam, 長芋) on my own. Unlike any yams that I had known, this yam when grated creates some sticky, slimy foam like mash. In case this made you curious for some recipe or pictures, don’t hesitate to have a look at the janechannel. I love this yam so much, if I had to be born again as a plant I believe I want to become a Japanese yam 😉

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (伊藤シビル)

2 thoughts on “What kind of plant would you like to grow?

  1. Being a Deep Southerner in the U.S., I also ADORE yams! But strawberries do remain a great favorite, as well! Actually, I love every food in this list of ten!

  2. Yams! What a nice choice it is ! and the recipes of the janechannel looks great. I will try to cook it someday.
    By the way If I grow some plant in this season, I would like to choose sweet potato. The reason is that a TV program featured it and explained the fact that sweet potato grow vines and spread vines all over the garden, roofs and your place. They make the temperature of your rooms lower. Vines contain a lot of water, and make shadows and decrease temperature of the places.
    But if we don’t need to save energy, I would like to grow morning glory or sunflower. I simply think that those flowers are a symbol of the long and hot summer.

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