Nengajo: Ready for the year end?

nengacho Every year there is the tradition to send out a specially made New Years card in the form of a post card called Nengajo (年賀状 in Japanese). Commonly for business purpose pre-printed cards are used, but in general for private use everyone is creating their own card. It might not sound like an interesting business opportunity, but considering the large volume of books, magazines or software that is sold every year I can only assume a rather good profitability. Furthermore around December commercials from printer manufacturers are increasing, because most cards are printed at home on an inkjet printer; or then the post office is reminding everyone that in order to be thoughtful and polite person one should be sending out a Nengajo. Every year I am sending out my bundle focusing on a simple personal style. This year’s card is shown above.
Most important make sure that you are dropping off your card in time. The Japanese Post Office recommends to send out the cards by December 25th. If you have not done so, you need to rush.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (伊藤シビル)

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