Working on a new project

Not sure whether it was actually noticed, but I have been rather quiet the last few months. There were no updates on this blog. The reasons are multifold: On one side to be honest I had to re-evaluate how japanese society is functioning after the Fukushima incident. While it has been for me a life-changing moment, the general public away from Fukushima has moved on seemingly without any after effects. The event itself or the consequences of it, is no more a real topic in Japan. Based on the result of a popular news paper sponsored questionnaire the top concerns of Japanese society these days are about the lack of felt growth of the local economy, second about national security and then as the third aspect come nuclear power related concerns. Keeping this list of priorities in mind, understanding Japan has become much easier again.
In addition to the above, I have been busy with a new project of writing a guide book for Japanese men on how to find their foreign desired partner. This project of mine had started a few years back, but I want to make sure now that it gets finalized. I am presently at the hopefully final book review level and my goal is to publish the within this year as a kindle version on Amazon. I cannot give you much insights of the content yet, but as a first glimpse, I believe the title page can give you some idea on what to expect.

For sure I will keep you informed about the progress on the book, plus some sample contents will be provided as well. Additionally I plan to continue to update more frequently this site with new articles. In case of any early comments to the book or in regard of future topics to be discussed here, feel free to let me know.

Along the same lines of new announcements, did you notice the new header picture?

Thanks for your patience with me!

Sibylle Ito (伊藤シビル)

5 thoughts on “Working on a new project

    • Dear Mreuroguy,

      thanks a lot for your comment. Yes, it is indeed in a wider sense a good guide for multicultural understanding.
      I think half of the book is reviewed and now I need to go through the rest.

      Hope to have more updates soon,

      Sibylle Ito

    • Dear Zooming Japan,

      thanks for taking time to get comment. As a first step the English version will be available, when the Japanese version is in translation. Based on the feedback that I had received from several Japanese males, they would like to try to read it in English. I guess it is a good tool to read English too.

      Have a good day,

      Sibylle Ito

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