3D barcodes as the key for safe shopping

microwave rice Most likely I belong to only a few shoppers who is concerned to know the actual source of the food or beverage I consume. Although it is impossible to control all my intake, I would like to make sure that what I prepare and consume at home comes from a region that I perceive as not affected by the fallout from the Fukushima incident. In a previous article on this blog I had hoped that manufacturer’s declaration on food products become more detailed (actual article). To my surprise some of the goods sold at a major Japanese supermarket Aeon (Japanese company website) have now 3D bar codes that allow to check for the origin of a product in hand. While on the top of the article the actual packaging of easily microwaveable rice is shown, the picture below shows the result of the 3D bar code search.


This additional detailed information is for me a great help and relief. Not only can I find the rice type, but as well the region where the rice grew and the packing site. I can get a true sense of what I am buying and with it I become a loyal customer. I am sure the addition of this small 3D bar code will result in higher sales turnover of this product. I strongly believe that today’s customers want to be informed and given a choice of what they want to buy. Having choices allows me to make a difference to support the products I believe in. Although many Japanese households live these days on a tight budget and limited choices, I believe over time customer choices will show that more information is better. In the meantime Aeon has for sure caught my heart.

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (伊藤シビル)

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