Highly recommended Japan business review

View from Tokyo Tower Sadly there are only very few good Japanese business related resources online. Most that I know is either outdated, far from being practical or written with pink glasses on to show that Japan is the most unusual market on this planet. I think readers deserve to have access to useable, real life business information. Whenever I come across highly recommendable blogs or websites my goal has always been to share it with you. Furthermore I expect with the increased hype now with the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo, even more people are interested to know more about the real Japan. One of best resources I know are the Beacon reports. I can only recommend you to subscribe to their mailing list. The content is always very professional, down to earth and with highly valuable insights.
This time the article focuses on the topic “Can Japanese firms compete in a global market?”. I especially like the article because there are enough facts listed to give you the opportunity to establish your own opinion. For this time I keep my opinion to myself, apart from hoping that you like the articles and the Beacon Reports as much as I do. My hat tip to Beacon Reports!

Brought to you by Sibylle Ito (伊藤シビル)

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