New start in Montevideo Uruguay

Montevideo There is a rather big gap between the last post in October and today. It all makes sense considering what we have done after long consideration: We have made a rather big step in our lives after planning it for years. End of January we have left Japan, but only after quite some hands on preparation and diligent study for our new life abroad. We want to make sure that we fulfill our dream abroad: Early February we have arrived in Montevideo, Uruguay. A lovely city in the heart of South America, where we plan to build up Japanese food service.
These days are filled with settling down, learning more Spanish and starting to get used to our environment and culture. For sure we are in a completely different environment compared to the places I have lived before. Of course the punctuality and cleanliness of Japan is gone, but for sure the Uruguayans are at least as nice and smiling as Californians, whose optimism I had enjoyed in Los Angeles. Furthermore connected to my upbringing in Switzerland, Montevideo is reminding me of an old era in Europe, when I had not been born yet. Overall it feels new and homey at the same time.
The first steps for our visa are behind us and in the meantime we are happy to say that our company got registered in Montevideo. Yes, so far we are content with the proceedings in our new adopted country. For sure we are working on fulfilling our dream. We expect soon to set up the website for our catering business for Japanese food, when we will set up at a later stage a Japanese take out shop in Montevideo.
While I cannot say anymore that I am reporting from within Japan about Japanese business culture and related topics, I am for sure still deeply connected with Japanese culture and food. Furthermore I am more than ever connected with udon due to all the training and work last year, plus with sushi through my husband, who is a fully trained and experienced sushi chef. Because our airfreight has arrived in the meantime, we are now ready to experiment and adjust Japanese cuisine with the local available ingredients. We will be for sure busy, but for sure we will announce when our website, facebook and twitter accounts are ready.

I hope you are excited as we are for our next big challenge in our new life in Montevideo.

Plaza Indepencia

Brought to you by a happy couple under the South American sun: Sibylle & Kazuo Ito

2 thoughts on “New start in Montevideo Uruguay

  1. Thank you for this post and sharing with us your adventures in Uruguay. It’s great how you are both realizing your dreams one step at a time. Best of success and enjoy!

    • Dear Martin,

      thank you so much for your kind words. We are looking forward to keeping you posted here and then on our new website as soon as it is available.

      All the best from under the blue sky in Montevideo,


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