What an honor!

Japanese Curry Already within one month of being active in business we were asked if we could be interviewed about our new business venture in Montevideo. We just had opened our doors for catering for authentic Japanese food and a weekly pick up menu. For sure we did not expect that the second largest newspaper in Uruguay would notice us so quickly, even less to contact us. For the curious ones, let me add the link with the article, but notice the article is in Spanish (but google translation does a good job)

We are for sure honored to be interviewed and furthermore receiving now so many wonderful feedback and advice about our food. More details can be found on

our website
our Facebook site
our Twitter page

For sure we can give you as well some good laughs about the Spanish language mistakes we do on social media. Well we are still diligent Spanish learners.

Overall we are a very, very happy couple in Uruguay,

Sibylle & Kazuo Ito

pequeñITO has started with the catering service

TM pequenITO Step by step we are adjusting to our new life in Montevideo in South America. End of last month we have moved finally to an unfurnished apartment. I must say our first apartment had been rather a disaster, but it had been a reasonable choice as a furnished apartment, when booking it from abroad. Now living in a better part of Montevideo our mood has improved, especially when finally our long awaited container had arrived. Thank goodness everything went smooth and we could neither find damages and luckily not even scratches. My huge compliment to the packers in Japan (more can be seen here).
For those who do not know it yet, my husband Kazuo Ito and me have set up this March a company in Montevideo with the goal to bring authentic Japanese food to Uruguay. The good news we have today is that since yesterday pequeñITO – our company focusing for the moment solely on catering – is up and running. At a later point when we have found the right location, which truly reflects our needs, we will set up a restaurant focusing on udon, sushi, curry and other Japanese soul food.
In case you are curious, we are happy to provide the information about our website with the menu details, our facebook account and our twitter account. We can only be grateful for the online response we have gotten so far. We can expect several bookings to come in soon, which certainly lifts our mood even further.
Basically long story short: We are truly happy here in Punta Carretas.
Punta Carretas
For sure we are a happy couple in Uruguay,

Sibylle & Kazuo Ito